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Africa is one of the world's top bird watching destinations, and for good reason. Over 1,500 species are found in East Africa alone, and include some of the best known species, such as flamingos and of course, the ostrich. But there are oddities to interest those who want to take a closer look. The weird hammerkop is unlike any of the familiar birds of yard or garden, whereas the weaver birds offer insight into birds' nest making abilities.

Birds, like mammals, are distinguished from other groups of animals by being warm-blooded (endothermic). Feathers are their defining characteristic, and of course they lay eggs and usually give hatchlings a good deal of care. Read and learn more about these fascinating animals by looking through each of the pictures here.

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flamingo photo flamingo

hammerkop photo hammerkop

ostrich photo ostrich

weaverbird photo weaverbird

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