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The modern history of Africa begins with its ancient geography—its great lakes. At the beginning of the 19th century, the center of the continent was unknown, and it was a major ambition of explorers to discover the source of the River Nile. It was suspected that the source was one of the vast lakes rumored to lie in the interior. It was the quest for knowledge and fame that led explorers such as Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speke deep into the heart of Africa, into the unknown and into history. Burton and Speke confirmed Lake Victoria, the world's largest lake, was indeed the Nile's source, although controversy over which one of them really deserved the credit marred the achievement. Perhaps the greatest contribution of the African explorers was to reveal the continent's mystery and wonder to a wider world. Today, via the Internet, we can experience these for ourselves from the comfort of our own homes. Enjoy the virtual safari!

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Lake Malawi from the stern of Ilala II Lake Malawi

Ilala II, Monkey Bay, Lake Malawi Monkey Bay

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