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Photo of Victoria Falls gorge

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The Zambesi is Africa's third largest river. Most of its course winds across the central African plateau. The gorge below Victoria Falls is the river's narrowest point and marks the beginning of its descent to the Indian Ocean on Africa's east coast. The gorge snakes for about 200 miles before emptying into Lake Kariba. The Zambesi Gorge attracts white water rafting enthusiasts from around the world for its Grade V rapids, considered among the world's greatest river rafting experiences.

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Photo of Victoria Falls bridge

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This view looks down the Zambesi Gorge towards railway bridge (top of picture). Victoria Falls is out of view to the right of the picture. The water here is a roiling swirling mass and so is called the "Boiling Pot." Vegetation is green and dense from the humidity and constrant spray from the Falls. A troop of resident baboons, mostly quite tame, look with a surly expression upon hikers who climb the 300 feet down into the gorge. Note the figure in the bottom right for scale. Bungee jumpers leap from the bridge over 300 feet toward the river below.

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