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village life painting

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This barkcloth painting whimsically portrays life in an Indian village. Look carefully and you will get a good idea of what is important in the day-to-day life of the indigenous people. At the bottom of the painting is a fishermen who has caught a cichlid fish, a prized catch, while another (right) has caught a piranha, which is less tasty. In the river are other piranhas, one of which has been caught by a caiman. A toucan looks on impassively. Toward the center of the picture is an armadillo, and a trail up which is walking a procession of Indian. This is a family led by a man in a head-dress and holding a blowgun. He is followed by his wife and children who are wearing red skirts. They are making their way past a seated monkey and a jaguar to their communal dwelling, outside which is a hunter aiming his blowgun at a pair of parrots. Two of butterflies decorates the area above the hut. Rows of trees frame the entire scene. This work is by an unknown Bora artist from a village near Pevas, Peru.

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