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Capirona (Calycophyllum sp.) is among the most important trees in the lives of Amazonian people. Its wood is dense and highly rot-resistant so it is excellent for construction and firewood. It grows quite widely and is easily recognized by its smooth gray trunk.

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capirona crown

capirona trunk


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Capirona is widely used for firewood. The wood is hard and very dense, hence burns a long time and at hot temperatures (for more information, see Firewood). It grows over 100 feet tall, high enough to emerge above the main canopy.

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capirona trunk photo

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Capirona's rough outer bark peels readily. What remains is a smooth-surfaced inner bark. It is so smooth that epiphytes are prevented from colonizing—these trees never have epiphytes on their branches. Presumably this remarkable adaptation saves the tree from the burden of extra weight and shade caused by epiphytes.

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