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The town of Otavalo, Ecuador actually has three different markets as well streets filled with vendors. The livestock and produce markets are used mostly by local people whereas the artesanias market is aimed mainly at tourists and people from out-of-town. Visitors can find a wide range of well-made handicrafts and bargaining is expected. The vendors bring in products from throughout Ecuador and as far away as Peru and Bolivia. Most popular are locally produced woven goods but you'll also see leatherwork, wood carvings, jewelry, basketry, ceramics, paintings and antiques. If you want it, most likely someone will have it!

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fruits and vegetables

wood carvings


Photo of fruit and vegetables at Otavalo market

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Because of the mild climate and rich volcanic soils, the region around Otavalo produces abundant and varied crops of fruits and vegetables. Vendors bring these to market where they are sold on the street, mostly for local consumption. The woman in the picture is wearing traditional Otavalo dress. (Note the hanging woven rugs in the background.)

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Photo of wood carvings at Otavalo market

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Wood carvings from all over Ecuador are brought to the Otavalo market for sale. Many carvings come from the small town of San Antonio de Ibarra where carving is the main industry. Many come from the lowland rainforests to the east of the Andes in the Amazon river basin. Here there are a wide range of different wood types for carvers.

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