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Image of Galapagos animals origins map

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Where did the Galapagos animals come from? This map shows where scientists believe various animals originated. These conclusions are based on similarities between the Galapagos animals and similar animals elsewhere. The Galapagos sea-lion is closely related with the California sea-lion, of which it is considered a sub-species. (what does this mean?) The fishes are related to Central American species, as is the flamingo. Most Galapagos birds are believed to have evolved from South American mainland ancestors, as are the reptiles. The Galapagos fur seal and Galapagos penguin are closely related to species living along the coast of Patagonia — a cold region of southern South America. The ancestral land and sea animals were most likely transported with the help of ocean currents.

(Map courtesy of Michael H. Jackson, Galapagos: A Natural History Guide)

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