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After reaching the Galapagos Islands, usually by jet plane, sometimes by sail boat or ship, visitors must get around. On land, transport is basic—limited to bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and a handful of small trucks. From island to island, small planes are available, but most people are on a package trip that includes food and accommodations aboard a motor yacht that sails from island to island. To get to a visitor site, tourists are transported in a small dinghy or "panga" which is towed by the yacht when not in use. Sometimes the panga is used to tour a particular area where a land visitor site is not present.

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The "panga" is the standard method to get passengers from the yachts to visitor sites. Sometimes a ride in the panga is the scheduled excursion, usually when no land excursion is possible. Among the best panga rides are Elizabeth Bay (Mariela Islands and Derek Cove), Tagus Cove and Black Turtle Cove. This picture was taken as we made our way to Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island. Volcan Alcedo on Isabela Island looms on the horizon.

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