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The Galapagos Islands are exceptional in that unlike most national parks, visitors are required to be accompanied by a licensed naturalist guide. The quality of guides varies, but their job is basically the same—to keep visitors on marked trails and to ensure a positive visitor experience. For Galapagos residents, the naturalist guide is among the most prestigious jobs. Some tour operator companies offer their clients an additional dimension of learning and hire an academic lecturer to supplement the information provided by the required naturalist guide. The lecturer will usually accompany the group on excursions and snorkels and give additional presentations on board.

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guide on deck

guide on beach


Photo of naturalist guide on deck

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The group returns from a snorkel which was accompanied by their lecturer (Roger Harris). A thick wet suit enables the snorkeler to remain in the cool Galapagos waters as long as desired.

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naturalist guide on beach photo

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Lecturers and naturalist guides are often keen photographers who can provide visitors with hints and tips on best photo opportunities.

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