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Jungle Photos Ideas Shop: Gifts for Family and Friends!

Thinking about a special gift for family and friends? Don't know where to start? Jungle Photos can help! Here are some ideas, hints and tips for exploring the gift jungle. Read on!

Use photos to make a gift!

You can use up to FIVE photos from Jungle Photos free of charge! Use images from Jungle Photos to make a beautiful personalized gift.

PLEASE READ Use of photos from this website MUST be non-profit and for personal gifts only. No reselling of photos is permitted and all use is subject to our Terms of Use. If you want to use more than five images, such as to make a calendar, or if the images are to make products for sale, please contact Jungle Photos. In the spirit of giving, please respect our intellectual and property rights.

To use photos to make a gift, here's what to do.

1. Join the photo service "Shutterfly". It's free and easy to join. Shutterfly has lots of great ideas for using photos to make gifts. There's no limit to the possibilities! Click on the banner here:

2. Decide on the type of personalized gift you want to make. Shutterfly offers the following options for you to make a unique gift that you can't buy in a store!:

• Greeting Cards — A perfect greeting for family and friends! Use a favorite photo, add a border, and personal message preprinted inside.

• Calendar* — Give a year's worth of memories! Personalized Calendars use favorite photos and captions You can start the Calendar on any month you choose.

• 4x8 Photo Cards — Create customized party invites or send holiday hellos with these handy cards.

• Hardcover Photo Books* — Elegant styles will grace any coffee table for years to come. Showcase photos of a favorite topic (such as rainforest) with captions, or use text-only or blank pages. 'Center cut" album covers are available in assorted solid colors.

• Snapbooks™ — These mini-albums are printed on high-quality photo paper and have a clear matte cover.

• DVD* — Digital photos come alive with a custom photo DVD, a gift that will be unforgettable. Create a custom photo DVD of a favorite theme such as rainforest, tropical birds or beautiful sunsets.

• Mug — Drink in favorite memories with a customized mug.

• Magnet — Create personalized magnets in two sizes for the perfect gift.

• Mouse pad — Brighten up a workday by keeping a favorite memory close by.

• Canvas print — For a really special photo, print it onto an artist canvas. (You can use Photoshop to make it like a real painting!)

• Coasters — Great to add a conversation topic to any party (hot or cold drinks).

• T-shirts — A fun, unique T-shirt using a favorite photo.

• Tote bags — Carries everything needed for the day and take along a favorite photo!

• Aprons — The next meal can be a feast for the eyes, too.

• Children's picture books* — Easily create a fun, personal storybook for a baby or toddler.

• Frame printed photos — Frame the most beautiful picture for that special spot on a wall or door.

• Photo album — Make an album for photos with your favorite Jungle Photos picture on the front.

PLEASE READ Items marked with an asterisk (*) will need permission to use more than 5 images from Jungle Photos. Permission is not needed to use your own photos.

3.Browse the Jungle Photos for the photo you want to feature in your gift.

4. Download the photo to your desktop (limit of 5!).

5. Follow instructions on the Shutterfly website to create your gift!

Purchase a gift

If you're still stuck for ideas, visit They have the biggest selection of gifts!

Still looking?

If you are looking for something specific not included the featured products above, please browse the website (or use the search engine to find a page related to your topic. We are in the process of adding links to relevant products for each of Jungle Photos' web pages. Please contact Jungle Photos if you need help looking for a product.

"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value."
—Charles Dudley Warner (1829 - 1900)

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