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How to donate

We need your help to keep Jungle Photos going. We've had over 1.5 million visitors since going on-line in November 2000. Jungle Photos' popularity speaks to the need for the information we are providing and its importance to students, teachers and travelers, or anyone interested in precious and threatened wilderness areas.

To keep the site engaging and user-friendly we have kept the non-commercial look, free of banners and advertising, except for inobtrusive Google Ads. However, we've received neither corporate nor government funding and rely on donations for the support of the site, so your contributions are very important. If you or your students or children enjoyed Jungle Photos, and learned something new and interesting, please consider helping us to keep this site on-line and updated with new sections, articles and resources. We are most grateful for your support.

It's easy for you to help. You can donate as much or as little as you wish using your credit card—securely, safely and privately—using Amazon.com's one-click "Honor System" or PayPal's "Donate" feature below. (Suggested amount: $5.) Please contact us if you have questions about donating.

If you are unable to contribute directly, you can purchase items from Amazon.com through our Jungle Shop. If you order these books directly from a link on this website, we receive a small commission from Amazon.com through their Associates Program.

Let all your friends know about this website! If only one in a hundred of the people who visited this site donated just $1, that would cover the budget we are anticipating for next year.

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The work we do

To create and maintain Jungle Photos, its creator and designer, Roger Harris, has volunteered hundreds hours of his time on the following tasks:

• design, edit, research and format the thousand or so pages on this site.

• create the graphics used to make the site visually appealing.

• respond to and/or redirect the dozens of email enquiries that come in each week about the website's articles and information.

• maintain, update and add to over 1,000 external links to websites with related information, research and resources.

• contact other websites to build a network of continually expanding knowledge about unique wilderness areas in tropical South America and Africa.

• maintain and upgrade the software that runs our internal search features, web-hosting, visitor statistics analysis, and additional user features such as JPUG and the Amazon Rainforest Group.

• optimize page content and meta-tags to enhance our rankings with the search engines to make the site easy to find.

• paying out-of-pocket expenses such as phone and utility bills, computer software and hardware upgrades and repairs, as well as the actual hosting of the website.

How the money is used

We are now beginning to search for funding from private foundations and to build revenue by providing pay-for-use resources, but this effort will not bring income for at least another year.

In the meantime, we rely on donations for funds to continue and expand Jungle Photos. This is why your contributions are vital to keep this site going.

Your donations will be used to:

• continue to upgrade the format, navigation and content of the website so that it makes the material here more accessible and fully compliant with international standards for website coding.

• pay for server fees that will allow us to offer more bandwith and quicker response times, to accommodate increased traffic.

• hire a part-time assistant or intern to handle some essential responsibilities of maintaining the site.

• cover the legal fees for establishing this website as part of a non-profit (501-C) entity, so that any donations to this website will be tax-exempt.

• compensate experts to write cutting-edge informative articles for the site that would otherwise not be publically available.

• compensate top nature photographers to add new photos that are not available from the Jungle Photos archive.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for how to support Jungle Photos! Send us your suggestions: contact Jungle Photos.

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