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A dugout canoe plying its way along a river is an iconic Amazon scene, so a obvious subject for artists. They're the dominant mode of transport in the lowland regions, yet a unique experience for visitors who will want to buy a postcard.

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canoe on river

canoe with engine


canoe on river postcard

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The colors suggest a sunset, a theme that is persistent among postcard artists. In this case, a lone canoe rounds a bend in the river. The canoeist is appears to be using a pole, whereas most natives prefer to use paddles. This card is signed "COR98." (See also macaw on vine.)

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canoe with engine postcard

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Still with the sunset theme (and similar in style to another card featuring a sunset), this card shows a canoe with an engine, called a "peke-peke" (pronounced pehkeh-pehkeh), named for the sound. The canoe is laden with goods.

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