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Macaws are birds unique to the tropical rainforests of South America, so they make ideal subjects for a postcard. After all, what is the purpose of a postcard? It is to tell someone else about the place you are in as well as how you are. People collect postcards as mementos so iconic subjects, such as macaws, are ideal for people trying to sell the card. The macaw is a frequent topic for photo postcards too.

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macaw on vine

macaw with tortoises


>macaw on vine postcard

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The macaw is perched on a vine, rendered in a stylized fashion. The species appears to be a blue and yellow macaw (see photo). This card is signed "COR98." (See also canoe on river.)

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macaw with tortoises postcard

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Perched on a branch this scarlet macaw (see photo) surveys the scene below; two tortoises walking along the river bank, and someone paddling a loaded canoe. The clouds across a blue sky are a quite typical of weather in the Amazon. The card is signed 'J. Mesones.' (See also stylized sunset.)

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