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Epidendrum is a diverse neotropical genus that has flowers characterized by a frilly or fringed lip. This feature is occasionally diagnostic to distinguish between species. These orchids are widely cultivated and may be hybridized with Sophronitis, another South American genus. The flowers are usually small and delicately colored, and borne on a dense inflorescence. Many species have a fragrance. (Photos are of cultivated and wild specimens.)

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purple epidendrum

white epidendrum

lithophytic epidendrum


purple epidendrum photo

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Epidendrum often have large infloresences bearing dozens of small, but elaborate flowers. The featured specimen is most likely a variety of E. ibaguense, a widely cultivated species. This species lacks fragrance.

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white epidendrum photo

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This orchid is in the genus Epidendrum. It is probably a light color variety of E. ibaguiense

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lithophytic epidendrum photo

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This wild orchid (Epidendrum calanthum) grows on bare rock (= lithophytic). This specimen was growing near the Rio Revantador waterfall in Ecuador. It is a small plant about twelve inches high, and with two or three small flowers at the top of an erect stem.

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