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Oncidium is a widespread, diverse genus, found throughout tropical America. Profuse numbers of flowers are characteristically borne on large inflorescences, which may bear dozens of individual flowers. The effect of these flowers moving in the wind has been likened to a cloud of fluttering butterflies, an effect that may help attract pollinators. Although a wide range of colors is found among species, yellows, reds and oranges seem particularly prevalent. Most species lack fragrance. (Photos are of cultivated specimens.)

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Oncidium is one of the most diverse neotropial orchid genera. Numerous species are cultivated and there are hundreds if not thousands of hybrids.

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Oncidium species are often (not always) characterized by flowers that are red, yellow or orange in color, and mottled in darker shades of the background color. Often, the inflorescence includes many individual flowers. Many species lack scent (detectable by human noses). This specimen was photographed near Iquitos, Peru.

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