Jungle Photos Upgrade

Information about the Jungle Photos upgrade in May 2005

Beginning in the middle of May 2005, the Jungle Photos website underwent a major upgrade. The home page is now a portal to navigate to three main subdomains. These three subdomains are the Amazon, Africa and the Galapagos Islands.

The Amazon section remains the "flagship" of Jungle Photos, but each region is represented with photos, related captions and additional information for each image. Some new photos have been added to the Amazon section, whereas the Africa and Galapagos sections are all new material. Navigation elements and layout are consistent throughout the site.

During the transition, the original Jungle Photos Amazon pages presently online will be redirected to the equivalent pages in the new Amazon section. Please bookmark your favorite pages from the old site. These will kept online for a year, to enable links to remain active, but the link will redirect to the new pages.

If you're looking for specific photos or information please search Jungle Photos first. If you have a specific question, please read below carefully to ensure your question is answered. If your question is not answered, please contact contact Jungle Photos. If you'd like to help improve Jungle Photos, you are invited to complete our on-line survey. If you have specific suggestions, we'd very much appreciate hearing from you. We respond to all e-mail enquiries.

Additional changes and improvements:


• Frames are no longer used, making it easier to bookmark individual pages.
• Navigation is by a menu on the left side of the page, with an additional navigation bar on the top right. At the bottom of each page are handy shortcut links to help you get around the site.
• Fewer thumbnails are included on each gallery page ensuring faster page download and making it easier to see which photo pages are in a particular gallery page.
• Photo pages within galleries are linked by thumbnails at the bottom of each page to "previous" and "next" photo pages.
• Look for the "Quick pix" pull-down menu at the bottom of each page on galleries with more than two pages of thumbnails (more than 5 or 6 images) to select photo pages right away.
• An expanded, redesigned site map for each area enables you to find the pages you need with a few clicks.
• Cross-referencing is expanded to include relevant pages throughout the Jungle Photos domain.


• Text content is within white space, making text easier to read. Main navigation elements are within a colored background. Background colors are muted to enhance the appearance of photos and other images.
• Each image page is linked to an additional information page specific to that topic. Each information page has a summary of the topic, with associated links for further research. (Some additional information pages are not yet complete.)
• Each area has a related teachers' resources section that provides curriculum-based lesson plans, quizzes, related material and additional research resources. (A modest donation is requested for this service.)
• Photo pages have a maximum of three images to enable a faster download. Additional photos on a subject are on new pages.
• Some photo captions have been expanded.
• An increased number of topics have inspirational or interesting quotes that relate to the topic.
• Pages have been coded to comply with up-to-date web standards for uniform appearance in most browsers.


• Each area has a survey section that gives you the chance to tell us what you think.
• We're planning adding more quizzes and planning additional activities, such as puzzles.
• Follow future developments and planning of this site with the Jungle Journal, a personal blog of Roger Harris, creator and developer of Jungle Photos.
• Connect with other Jungle Photos users with the Jungle Photos users group, a Yahoo-supported group that provides a forum to discuss the Jungle Photos website or share your thoughts, ideas, photos, or anything jungle-related!

"Continual improvement is an unending journey."
— Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford-Mason, Thinking About Quality

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