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The Galapagos Islands are famous mainly because of their animal life. This is a land of giant reptiles, flightless birds, bizarre plants and wild scenery — a wonder of nature that inspired a scientific revolution. Here, unique and wondrous life-forms roam in isolation from mankind and land-based predators. This is nature face-to-face, or rather face-to-beak, as ground-nesting birds are the first animals visitors usually encounter!

What makes the Galapagos so special is that you get closer than ever before to truly wild animals due to their fearlessness. Because they evolved isolated from predators, the creatures have no instinctive fear of humans. This means you can approach within arm's reach of many species, which also gives unrivaled photo opportunities (no telephoto lens needed). However, be careful not to step on a bird or iguana as you follow the specially marked track! Charles Darwin was not a photographer (cameras had not been invented) but his observations of the giant tortoises and other animals led him to his theory of evolution — an explanation of the origin and diversity of life. Ever since, travelers seeking Darwin's "mystery of mysteries" have been inspired to visit here.

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