Galapagos sea reptilesGALAPAGOS SEA REPTILESGalapagos sea reptiles

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What comes to mind when you think of reptiles? Hot dusty deserts, dry places? Most likely. But several types of reptiles swim the tropical seas of the world and some of these are regularly seen in Galapagos waters. Indeed, the islands are among the last remaining refuges for breeding sea turtle populations, as you can read about on the turtle pages. The last place you might think to see an iguana is on a rocky shore, pounded by ten foot waves, munching on algae. That is the marine iguana, another animal unique to the Galapagos and one of the most famous!

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iguana feeding underwater photo iguana feeding photo marine iguana 1

iguana head close-up photo iguana leg close-up photo marine iguana 2

iguanas en masse photo three iguanas photo marine iguana 3

sea turtle photo turtle

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