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Before we know where we are going, we need to know where we came from this is the role of history. Indeed, contrary to Henry Ford's opinion, history is not "bunk". Rather, it is a selective database of previous events, whose importance is decided by others. Here is presented a selection of what I think are more interesting and relevant events. For a general picture of Galapagos history, check out the timeline and for more information consult the books on Galapagos history.

With Charles Darwin's arrival in 1835, the place of the Galapagos in history was secured. But it was not until he published the Voyage of the Beagle (1845) and the Origin of Species (1859) that the islands entered into the public consciousness. Yet the islands' past goes back a lot further, as you can see from the timeline. Within that history are stories of pirate treasure, marooned sailors, whalers, and tales of murder and mystery ­ a romantic past.

names carved into rock photo names carved into rock

timeline of Galapagos history Galapagos history timline

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