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The forest shimmers with the energy of life. A sheen on the leaves suggests a life-giving rain has just fallen. Just as in the real thing, your eye darts from one secret corner to another, trying to absorb all the detail. For me, this painting, offers as close a feeling as is possible to the real thing. Dominating the foreground are the leaves of heliconias, a widespread plant of the forest understorey. The artist is Pablo Cesar Amaringo, one of the best known of the Pucallpa School. He titles this painting "Selva Silenciosa" (= Silent Forest)—tribute to the forest's serenity. This work was painted June 8, 1998 with gouache on Arches paper. Actual size is 18 x 24 inches.


Selva Silensciosa: "At left down are the plants 'situlle'—they are in bloom. In front at right is the tree called "chimicua" (Perebea chimicua). This is a tree and its wood is used in industry and from the fruit the animals feed. In the center we see the tree of Moenaneegra (Ocotea in Spanish). This wood is used for carpentry in general, fine furniture, and is very special for walls of the houses. The other trees at the left are the same because these trees grow in a group. This panorama is at eleven o'clock am."

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