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In recent years, the talent of Amazon artists is being increasingly recognized by the outside world. A few of these artists have achieved sufficient recognition that they have turned professional, now their paintings command substantial prices. Those presented here are a selection to give you an idea of the topics and styles used by different artists. Many of this new generation of artists come from Pucallpa in the Andes foothills in western Peru.

Our gallery includes examples of fine art by famous artist, Francisco Grippa. Born of Peruvian and Hungarian parents, Grippa is the Peruvian Amazon's best-known artist. (Read more about Grippa.)

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Images reproduced with permission from The Electric Gallery

forest painting forest

toucans painting pair of toucans

jungle hut painting jungle hut

orchid painting orchid

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"The pure, extravagant, yearning, questioning artist's face..."
Walt Whitman Faces 1900

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