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toucans painting

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The pair of toucans serve as a focal point for the surrounding vegetation that seem to dwarf the birds. Yet the two birds remind us of how we too need companionship, amid unknowable nature— almost painfully exquisite in its beauty. Beyond the forest the sky reminds us of the freedom that birds symbolize. The species represented appears to be the white-throated toucan. This painting is by Wellington C. Marin, December 9, 1998, the medium is gouache on Arches paper. Actual size of the work is 16.5 x 22 inches.


The Tucanes "In this painting we can see on the left side the Shebon leaves. Then there is a white tree with the air plant called elephant ear. In the first level there are two toucanes where it's taking a rest on the branch. To the right side there is a tree called capirona. It has a red color. Then we have chirik sanango. They are medicinal plants with a tasty tonic prepared by shamans by blending the energies and the juices of several plants."

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