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\Car*tog"ra*phy\, n. [Cf. F. cartographie] The art or business of forming charts or maps. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1996)

Here you can see a variety of Amazon maps. From the earliest depictions to modern maps, you can also see examples of how scientists use maps. Cartography is an art and a business, but today it is also a science. Scientists use maps for a host of reasons. Maps are better now than ever before, thanks to satellite imagery which allows maps of unprecedented accuracy. Infra-red sensing and other technologies allow maps to be created that represent changes over time. So rather than a static representation, maps more and more are dynamic tools that allow us to better understand our world and our effects upon it.

You can also see maps of countries where the photos in Jungle Photos Amazon were taken and then a map of rainforests around the world for a global perspective.

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"For adventure activities, high resolution accurate maps of the Amazon are necessary, but hard to come by."
Roger Harris and Peter Hutchison, The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide 2003

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