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The Amazon is three-quarters the size of the United States and much of it is boringly flat. So what? Most people visit to see the rainforest, right? But the Amazon actually has a lot of different kinds of scenery. Besides the forest itself, there's the world's biggest river with 4,000 miles of infinitely variable rivers, streams, lakes, torrents and waterfalls. The Andes range lines the watershed's western edge. Here you can climb the highest mountains in the western hemisphere! From here snowmelt descends from alpine glaciers down to steamy tropical swamps. The weather varies from snowstorms in the mountains to tropical thunderstorms in the lowlands. And the sunsets? They defy description.

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"All my lousy life I've crawled about in the mud!
And you talk to me about scenery!"
Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot 1955

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