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Maps of different countries enable us to study a particular country more closely. They may be used to represent territorial limits, natural resources, transportation routes, or any number of different kinds of information. Most modern country maps are for either governemnt or tourist purposes, as scientific maps do not usually concern specific countries. Governments use maps to assess resources, for planning development or tracking land use, whether for farming, urban use or for transportation. Tourist agencies want to show the highlights of a country, such as places to visit, national parks and how to get around. The map below shows the territories and national flags of the six main countries that claim part of the Amazon basin.

Use the clickable map below to get the maps for the country you are interested in.

(Sorry, maps for Venezuela or Bolivia are not yet available.)

Maps of Brazil Maps
of Peru Maps of Ecuador Maps of Colombia

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Brazil government map Brazil National Geographic map Brazil

Colombia government map Colombia National Geographic map Colombia

Ecuador government map Ecuador National Geographic map Ecuador

Peru government map Peru National Geographic map Peru

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