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stylized forest painting

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In contrast to most of the other painters of the Pucallpa School, Marcelina Vasquez's work has an irreverent, whimsical quality. Yet through the color and detail, the painter conveys her love and deep respect, verging on worship, for her subject. Not all objects in the painting are so stylized as to be beyond recognition. The butterfly in the foreground appears to belong to the genus Morpho, whereas the pair of birds on the upper right are undoubtedly common piping-guans (Aburria pipile). I am unsure of the identity of the other two bird pairs. The painting is titled "Cuadro Las Flores" (= Quartet of Flowers") and was completed in 1993. The medium is gouache on Arches paper and and the original measures 18 x 24 inches.

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