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Iquitos's main market is located on high ground to the west of the Floating City, also called Belen (see floating city). The market is the biggest between Manaus and Lima and sprawls along dozens of streets and alleys across several city blocks. The sights, noise and smells are a fascinating insight into the lives of city folk, but are not an experience for the squeamish!

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herbalist's stall

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herbalist's market stall photo

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At this herbalist's stall in the city market of Iquitos, a wide variety of natural products are for sale. Lemongrass (foreground) makes a pleasant tea that is good for an upset stomach. (For more information, see lemongrass.)

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market fruit stall photo

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Almost anything can be purchased at Belen market, and there is a large section where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold. Everything is sold by weight (note the scales in the front right forground). (You can learn about typical Amazon foods in the section on Ethnobotany.)

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