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Amazon towns: Brazil BRAZIL Amazon towns: Brazil

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Brazil is by far the biggest country in South America and about eighty per cent of Amazonia lies within its borders. Portuguese is the main language, unlike most other South American countries where the official language is Spanish. The main industries in the Brazilian Amazon are rainforest products and minerals. A number of "mega-projects" have contributed to severe degradation of some parts of the Brazilian Amazon. (See Deforestation from space). Upstream of Manaus, the Brazilians call their section of the river the Solimões, but this convention is rarely recognized outside Brazil.

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manaus floating dock photo Manaus

belem skyscraper photo Belem

tabatinga photo tabatinga market photo Tabatinga

"A Moth the hue of this
Haunts Candles in Brazil."
Emily Dickinson A Moth the hue of this 1955

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