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Jungle Photos Terms of Use


By visiting pages on the Jungle Photos website you are agreeing to the terms of use set forth below.

This information provides details regarding how the images, text and other resources on the Jungle Photos website may be used. If you have any doubt about using material from this website please contact Jungle Photos. For other questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions

Jungle Photos' responsibility

Please read the Jungle Photos Disclaimer for full details on the extent of Jungle Photos responsibility to the website visitor (that is you!).

Your responsibility

No text or images or any other content on this web site and throughout the domain may be used without explicit permission in writing. The content on these pages is protected by copyright laws. It is illegal to take material from this domain without permission. Limited use of this website's content is permitted subject to the conditions specified below.



We welcome enquiries from photo editors, webmasters, journalists, magazine editors and others who wish to use Jungle Photos images for commercial purposes. "Commercial purpose" is defined as "any usage, depiction or representation in a medium that is used for business or by an organization that engages in commerce (i.e., sells a product or service), whether for profit or otherwise." For commercial licensing, an appropriate fee will be applied. Jungle Photos licensing rates are reasonable and competitive. For non-profit organizations, or for other organizations where a mutual benefit results from usage, fees are charged on an ability-to-pay basis. If a high resolution digital image is required, additional fees may apply. We can supply images via email (up to 4MB per image), by FTP download or on CD.


Lecturers and teachers MUST get permission for any usage. Permission will be granted for of use up to 5 images and up to 500 words of text from this site for free—you can use the material in presentations, slide shows, etc. If you put your presentation on the web, please follow the guidelines below for webmasters.


Students may use up to 5 images and up to 500 words of text from this site for free in class presentations, school reports, essays, projects and homework. Whatever the use always name references. When you name your references it shows that you have done your research properly and that you have understood the information. When you use any material from this website you must provide appropriate credit. Use the following reference:

Harris, R. 2002. Jungle Photos.

If you post your presentation or report on the web, you must follow the webmaster guidelines.


Webmasters MUST get permission for ANY usage. Use your own resources to create your own web graphics—your site will be better if it reflects your creativity and originality. That said, permission will usually be granteed to use content from Jungle Photos subject the following guidelines:

Text: Use is permitted only if quoted verbatim and provided with credit. Permission must be requested before you can use text from Jungle Photos.

Images: You may use images subject to the following rules:

1. No image may be cropped, enhanced, or otherwise altered without permission in writing. If you use an image you must credit with "Image(s) provided courtesy of Jungle Photos ("
2. Permission will not be granted to use any more than five graphical elements (photos, thumbnails, icons, etc.) from on your entire web site, otherwise usage fees will apply.
3. If anyone asks you if they can use Jungle Photos images on their site, direct them to this page.
4. Permission will be granted for free use of images and text to private persons or non-profit organizations for informative web sites. Sites related to businesses, the media, or commercial sites of any kind will be required to negotiate for image use and MAY be subject to usage fees. Please download our license agreement (159K PDF) and our license fees (240K PDF) rates schedule for specific information.

BANDWIDTH THEFT: Jungle Photos images are protected from bandwidth theft and cannot be directly linked. Under no circumstances are you permitted to link from your website directly to images in the Jungle Photos domain. If you wish to use images, follow the guidelines above. For more information: Bandwidth theft

(Some material above adapted from: Meyers-Rice, B.A., 2002, Carnivorous Plant FAQ v8.1,


If you are using the images for NON-PROFIT purposes, you are getting a free service that has cost me thousands of dollars in time, equipment, film and travel expenses. In return, all I ask is, once images have been used, that you email me to let me know which images you choose to use for your work and that you complete our survey to help improve the Jungle Photos experience. Also, please donate to support Jungle Photos.


If you have any questions about the terms of use or about Jungle Photos, please contact Jungle Photos.

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