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The Amazon is a birdwatcher's paradise ­ and that is not tourist brochure hype. About 1,500 bird species are known from lowland Amazonia — about 15% of all known birds in 4% of the world's land area. They range from the world's most powerful bird of prey to some of the tiniest hummingbirds. Oddities such as the toucan, umbrella bird and hoatzin baffle you. Flying jewels such as trogons, parrots and hummingbirds dazzle you. Raucuous eerie calls of the horned screamer and screaming piha will impress you. Mere photos cannot do justice to the wonder of Amazon's bird life, but here's a few to give you a flavor.

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 blue and yellow macaw photo scarlet macaw photo macaws

blue headed parrot photo orange winged parrot photo mealy parrot photo parrots

parrot clay lick photo parrot clay lick

wild yellow ridged toucan photo captive yellow ridged toucan photo toucans

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"How do you know but every bird that cuts the airy way is an immense world of delight,
closed by your senses five."
William Blake, A Memorable Fancy 1790

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