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Here are links to web sites of local and international tour operators, and jungle lodges. These will give you some idea of the travel facilities available in various Amazon countries. Inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement by Jungle Photos. Legal blurb: Although I believe all the companies here are reputable and reliable I (Roger Harris) and no associate, relative or derivative (business, trademark or estate, is responsible for any loss or damage incurred by users of this information. No financial arrangement exists between me (Roger Harris) and any of the included links. For reliable information consult The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide. (Second edition: April 2003.)

• Roger Harris, who conceived and designed this website, regularly leads tours to the Amazon. If you would like more information please contact us.

Amazon rainforest general travel websites:

Alinahui Lodge (Ecuador): ecotourism lodge
Discover the rain forest with Cabanas Alinahui in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Enjoy comfortable accommodations and exciting ecotours of primary rainforest while helping to conserve the last rain forest in the area.

Ariau Home
Official Web site of Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, built at the level of the rainforest canopy — Ariau affords visitors a close communion with the region's abundant flora and fauna.

Chalalan Ecolodge (Bolivia)
Environmentally-friendly facility dedicated to environmental and cultural conservation of the National Park of Madidi.

Drifting Down the Amazon
Travelogue of adventures in and around Iquitos: "Landing in Iquitos, the Peruvian port at the upper end of the navigable Amazon, was like taking a trip backwards on a time machine."

Inti Travel: Discover Amazonia, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru
Inti Travel and Tours offers amazon rainforest and jungle tours, lodges, cruises, treks, and hikes in the Amazon of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. (see also Inti Travel)

Ecotour Expeditions Home
Ecotour Expeditions, the first ecotourism company in the United States, offers thoughtful and fun trips to spectacular natural areas in Latin America. The trips are all led by natururalists. They include river-boat explorations, Amazon river tours on the cruise vessel Tucano, stays at rainforest lodges, hiking trips, camping expeditions and trips combining all of these wonderful activities.

Enjoy Peru
Six thousand pages of general tourism information on Peru and travel packages.

Experiential Wilderness Journey (Ecuadorian Amazon)
Sentient Experientials presents Wilderness Journeys in the Ecuadorian Amazon, a first-hand opportunity to meet and learn from authentic forest peoples, traditional spiritual masters, shamans and activists.

Explorama Lodges
Explorama offers five Lodges in over 250,000 acres of Privately Protected Primary Amazon Rainforest Reserves. Spectacular Canopy Walkway, Birdwatchers Paradise, full week & weekend specials.

Explorations, Inc.
Specialized tour operator offering premier adventures of discovery into the Peruvian Amazon and Andes since 1992. Educational programs include river boat cruises and lodge-based Canopy Walkway tours for independent and small group travelers. In addition to excellent local naturalist guides, many group departures also escorted by top USA scholars, including Roger Harris.

Extreme Amazon Adventures
Taking you where other tours do not dare to tread, this adventure travel company offers trips off the tourist-beaten path in Brazil.

Global Volunteer Network
A non profit organisation, places volunteers in community projects. Ecuadorian program gives volunteers the chance to assist in research stations in the Amazon.

Green Tracks
Top-notch but affordable tours in the Peruvian Amazon including specialist herpetology tours led by expert Dr. William Lamar.

International Expeditions—Rainforests, Reefs and Savannas
International Expeditions specializes in high quality travel programs to the world's great natural history destinations. Our purpose is to stimulate an interest in, develop an understanding of, and create an appreciation for the natural wonders of our Earth.

Inti Travel Home—The South American Specialists
Inti Travel takes you trekking, mountain climbing, and expeditioning in some of the most remote regions of the Andes and the Amazon Basin of Ecuador. Trips to the Galapagos and to the Cuyabeno reserve in the Amazon give the naturalist unique opportunities to view diverse wildlife found nowhere else in the world.

Jacamar Lodge
The Jacamar Amazon Jungle Lodge is an adventure vacation gemstone, hidden in one of the grandest treasures of flora and fauna in the world. Bordering the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Community Reserve, an 800,000-acre sanctuary boasting over 500 species of birds and the largest variety of mammals and primates in South America, we offer amazing experiences for budget-conscious world travelers.

Ladatco (Brazil: Amazon Clipper)
Brazilian Amazon Cruise on the Amazon Clipper. This is a typical two-deck riverboat designed exclusively for cruising the Amazon river and its tributaries.

Lake Huachi Eco-Lodge
Amazon eco-lodge in Bolivia.

La Selva Jungle Lodge (Ecuador)
A luxury lodge in Ecuador's Amazon Jungle. Winner Ecotourism Award, World Congress on Tourism and the Environment!

Metropolitan Touring (Ecuador)
Amazon travel (e.g. "Flotel Orellana" on the Rio Napo) plus the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, with Ecuador's largest tour operator.

Outside magazine, January 2001
The Teachings of Gerineldo "Moises" Chavez (or The Rainforest Is a Great Place to Save, But I Wouldn't Want to Live There) Deep in the seething, fecund Amazon jungle, a seeker finds wisdom, beauty, exciting new recipes, and inexhaustible armadas of biting insects. O Sting, where is thy death?

Travel experiences in Peru "where you get a taste of the 3 different types of landscape... It should be a more or less general impression of culture, infrastructure, people and history."

PARD Expeditions
Tour operator and educational organization focused on river dolphin research and observation. Visitors get to participate in research activities and learn about the Amazon river dolphin

Rainforest Ventures
Rainforest ventures is an ecotourism company that specializes in educational tours for teacher and students to the Peruvian Amazon and other tropical rainforest.

Tropic Ecological Adventures (Ecuador)
Tropic Ecological Adventures offers a wide range of different eco-tours for the traveler wanting an Ecuadorian Adventure to the Amazon, mountains, or Galapagos.

Untamed Path
Untamed Path leads small group active travel adventures to remote places in South America.

Visit Leticia
Travel information and bookings to, in and around this typical (and safe) jungle town in the southeast of Colombia along the Amazon River. (See Leticia photos)

Wonderful blend of words and pictures featuring the macaws of Tambopata. More a travelogue than a travel service.

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