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Amazon curriculum-based lesson plans CURRICULUM-BASED LESSON PLANS Amazon curriculum-based lesson plans

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Here are links to several curriculum-based lesson plans related to the Amazon rainforest. Each lesson plan is a guide to organizing relevant material and to prepare yourself to help your students achieve desired learning objectives. We will be adding in-house lesson plans sometime in the future. The lesson plans below have been selected from among hundreds available on-line. Please feel free to contact Jungle Photos Amazon if you'd like help designing lesson plans to meet your individual needs.

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Kindergarten Rainforest Unit (MAR '06)
Several pages give background information. Includes three weeks worth of rainforest jungle lessons.

Layers of the Rainforest (MAR '06)
This lesson teaches children that the forest has layered structure. In this case, four layers of the rainforest are introduced.

Rainforest Exploration (MAR '06)
Students create a display of a rainforest animal and its habitat.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Social Studies Lesson (MAR '06)
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of animals, people and plants in the rainforest by participating in an ecosystem simulation. (Related lesson: The Importance of the Rainforest)

GRADE 1 - 2

Amazon Alphabet (MAR '06)
In this activity students create an alphabetic Amazon animal mural. The objective is to show the diversity of life in the Amazon tropical rainforest.

GRADE 2 - 3

How To Create A Rain Stick (MAR '06)
Students construct their own rain stick in order to appreciate the sounds of the rainforest. (Related lesson: How to Make a Rain Stick)

Teacher CyberGuide: The Great Kapok Tree (MAR '06)
Activities are based on The Great Kapok Tree, and are designed to supplement a unit focused on South American rain forest themes.

Economics Lesson: The Rain Forest (JUL '06)
Activate students knowledge of rain forests by asking: What are the characteristics of a rain forest? What animals and plants are found in the rain forest? How do people depend on the rain forest?

Rain Forests and Planet Ecology (JUL '06)
Through the use of literature and related activities, students will expand their knowledge of rain forests and planet ecology.

GRADE 4 - 5

Creative Writing From the Rainforest (MAR '06)
Students research relevant topics to gain knowledge of the rainforests around the world.

Three Aspects of the Rain Forest (MAR '06)
Introduce the students to three aspects of the rain forest — people, animals, and life.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (MAR '06)
Deals with the story of the Great Kapok Tree, a tale from the Amazon forest. Students become more familiar with the animals of the rain forest and the usefulness of the rain forest (medicines, soil, and the trees).

Rain Forest Reporters (JUL '06)
Students work as magazine reporters to produce a print or multimedia magazine about rain forests.

Hands-On Science for Teaching Rain Forest Ecosystems (JUL '06)
Gets students to think about how the ecosystem of tropical forests fits into the big picture of the Planet Earth. Provides a basic framework of articles, information, references and "classroom ready" labs aimed primarily at teaching cause and effect relationships of deforestation.

GRADE 7 - 8

Biodiversity Preservation Project (MAR '06)
Inspires students to speak out against environmental injustice. Deals with biodiversity and protecting and educating about endangered species.

More Amazon-related rainforest lessons links will be added shortly.

Coming soon: more grade-specific lesson plans on animals, plants, geology, ecology and natural history

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