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Welcome to Jungle Photos Amazon — Images of Life's Diversity!® Here you can see photos of the wildlife and people of the Amazon rainforest in tropical South America. Each photo has additional information with related links. Browse the site for pictures and facts on animals and plants, people and handicrafts, nature scenes and cityscapes. To learn more look through the pages of maps and satellite images. All photos were taken by Roger Harris during his travels to the countries of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Explore, experience and enjoy!

Photo of sunset over the Amazon River

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Read about The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide by Roger Harris, creator of this website

Welcome to our Spanish-speaking friends! Hola! Bienvenidos a las fotos de la selva! Mire por favor alrededor del Web site y goce de su visita!

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"The unsolved mysteries of the rain forest are formless and seductive. They draw us forward and stir strange apprehensions. In our hearts we hope we will never discover everything. We pray there will always be a world like this one. The rain forest in its richness is one of the last repositories of that timeless dream."
E. O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life 1992

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