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Welcome to Jungle Photos Amazon Site Map! Here you will find links to almost 750 pages in the Jungle Photos Amazon domain. Each photo page listed in this site map features one or more images. If you're looking for specific topics you can also search Jungle Photos.

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Jungle Photos Amazon Animals includes dozens of photos with additional information on a wide variety of wild animals from equatorial Amazon.

Mammals 1
jaguar & jaguar natural history
ocelot & ocelot natural history
small monkeys & small monkeys natural history
large monkeys & large monkeys natural history

Mammals 2
captive monkey & captive monkey natural history
capybara & capybara natural history
agouti & agouti natural history
sloth & sloth natural history

Mammals 3
anteater & anteater natural history
tent making bat & tent making bat natural history
sac-winged bat & sac-winged bat natural history
peccary & peccary natural history

Mammals 4
tapir & tapir natural history
manatee & manatee natural history

Reptiles 1
black caiman & black caiman natural history
spectacled caiman & spectacled caiman natural history
anaconda & anaconda natural history
small turtles & turtles natural history

Reptiles 2
large turtle & large turtle natural history
green iguana & green iguana natural history
thorntail iguana & thorntail iguana natural history

strawberry poison frog & strawberry poison frog natural history
yellow and black poison frog & yellow and black poison frog natural history
leaf toad & leaf toad natural history
cane toad & cane toad natural history

Birds 1
macaws & macaws natural history
parrots & parrots natural history
parrot clay lick & parrot clay lick natural history
toucans & toucans natural history

Birds 2
hoatzin & hoatzin natural history
oropendula nests & oropendula natural history
egret & egret natural history
heron & heron natural history

Birds 3
crake & crake natural history
harpy eagle & harpy eagle natural history
pygmy owl & pygmy owl natural history
spix's guan & spix's guan natural history

Birds 4
wattled curassow & wattled curassow natural history
gray-winged trumpeter & gray-winged trumpeter natural history

Fish 1
red-bellied piranha & red-bellied piranha natural history
white piranha & white piranha natural history
piranha hype & piranha hype natural history
thorny catfish & thorny catfish natural history

Fish 2
tiger catfish & tiger catfish natural history
pirarucu & pirarucu natural history
dogfish & dogfish natural history
oscar fish & oscar fish natural history
silver dollar fish & silver dollar fish natural history

Fish 3
tambaqui & tambaqui natural history
pacu & pacu natural history
bocachico & bocachico natural history
diversity of fishes & diversity of fishes natural history

Invertebrates 1
leafcutter ants & leafcutter ants natural history
group of ants & group of ants natural history
bullet ant & bullet ant natural history
longwing butterflies & longwing butterflies natural history

Invertebrates 2
owl butterfly & owl butterfly natural history
clearwing butterfly & clearwing butterfly natural history
moths & moths natural history
rhinoceros beetle & rhinoceros beetle natural history

Invertebrates 3
harlequin beetle & harlequin beetle natural history
hairy caterpillar & hairy caterpillar natural history
yellow caterpillar & yellow caterpillar natural history
katydids & katydids natural history

Invertebrates 4
orb weaver spider & orb weaver spider natural history
tarantula spider & tarantula spider natural history
communal spider & communal spider natural history
wasp nests & wasp nests natural history

Invertebrates 5
millipedes & millipedes natural history
leech & leech natural history
antlion pits & antlion pits natural history
apple snail & apple snail natural history



Jungle Photos Amazon Plants includes dozens of photos with additional information on wild plants from the Amazon rainforest. (Photos of crop plants are included in the Ethnobotany pages.)

acacia leaves & acacia natural history
acacia flower

epiphyte diversity & epiphyte diversity natural history
vines on trees

fern leaf & fern leaf natural history
fern violin
epiphytic ferns
tree fern

Fungi 1 (Click here for note on fungi.)
red fungus & red fungus natural history
oyster mushroom & oyster mushroom natural history
white fungus & white fungus natural history
gray fungus & gray fungus natural history

Fungi 2
polypore fungus & polypore fungus natural history
coral fungus & coral fungus natural history
cup fungus & cup fungus natural history
jelly fungus & jelly fungus natural history

floating grass & floating grass natural history
floating meadow & floating meadow natural history
bamboo & bamboo natural history

Heliconia rostrata & Heliconia rostrata natural history
Heliconia psittacorum & Heliconia psittacorum natural history
Heliconia ortotricha & Heliconia ortotricha natural history
unknown heliconias & unknown heliconias natural history

knotted lianas & knotted lianas natural history
twisting liana & twisting liana natural history
monkey ladder & monkey ladder natural history

angel's wings & angel's wings natural history
variegated arum & variegated arum natural history
large arum & large arum natural history
epiphytic arums & epiphytic arums natural history

Miscellaneous Plants
hotlips flower & hotlips flower natural history
aphelandra flower & aphelandra flower natural history
shell ginger & shell ginger natural history
hirtella flower & hirtella flower natural history
melastoma leaf & melastoma leaf natural history

Orchids 1
cattleya & cattleya natural history
maxillaria & maxillaria natural history
epidendrum & epidendrum natural history

Orchids 2
oncidium & oncidium natural history
encyclia & encyclia natural history
gongora & gongora natural history
orchid ecology & orchid ecology natural history
orchid house & orchid house natural history

Palms 1
moriche palm & moriche palm natural history
heart palm & heart palm natural history
stilt palm & stilt palm natural history
riverside palm & riverside palm natural history

Palms 2
palm epiphytes & palm epiphytes natural history
palm leaf & palm leaf natural history

Pepper Family
cultivated pepper & cultivated pepper natural history
wild pepper & wild pepper natural history

Plant Ecology 1
plant biodiversity & plant biodiversity natural history
insect herbivory & insect herbivory natural history
gap effects & gap effects natural history
pollination strategies & pollination strategies natural history

Plant Ecology 2
plant defenses & plant defenses natural history
microhabitats & microhabitats natural history

Trees 1
buttress roots & buttress roots natural history
capirona & capirona natural history
kapok tree & kapok tree natural history
brazil nut tree & brazil nut tree natural history

Trees 2
cercropia tree & cercropia tree natural history
fig tree & fig tree natural history
tall trees & tall trees natural history

Water Plants 1
giant water lily flower & giant water lily natural history
giant water lily pad

Water Plants 2
giant water lily habitat
water hyacinth flower & water hyacinth natural history



Jungle Photos Amazon People presents photos with additional insights and perspectives on the people living in the Amazon rainforest.

Children 1
playing soccer & playing soccer more information
curious children & curious children more information
forest children & forest children more information
children with pets & children with pets more information

Children 2
boy carrying plank & boy carrying plank more information
boy at home & boy at home more information
school girls & school girls more information
children with water & children with water more information

Children 3
classroom & classroom more information
young girl & young girl more information

People at Work and Play
doing laundry & doing laundry more information
fishermen & fishermen more information
flooding & flooding more information
painter & painter more information

People at Work and Play 2
rastas & rastas more information
roofer & roofer more information
souvenir vendors & souvenir vendors more information
fish sellers & fish sellers more information

People at Work and Play 3
tourists & tourists more information
transport & transport more information
sugar cane pressers & sugar cane pressers more information
woodcarver & woodcarver more information

bora dancers & bora dancers more information
yagua dancers & yagua dancers more information
yagua girl & yagua girl more information
yagua man & yagua man more information

Handicrafts 1
blowgun & blowgun more information
baskets & baskets more information
fans & fans more information
carved armadillos & carved armadillos more information
carved calabash & carved calabash more information

Handicrafts 2
carved parrot & carved parrot more information
carvings & carvings more information
dolls & dolls more information
seed necklaces & seed necklaces more information
woven bag & woven bag more information

Handicrafts 3
masks & masks more information
bark paintings & bark paintings more information
pan pipes & pan pipes more information
shipobo cloth & shipobo cloth more information
aguardiente & aguardiente more information

Ethnobotany 1
bananas & bananas more information
breadfruit & breadfruit more information
bark cloth & bark cloth more information
calabash tree & calabash tree more information

Ethnobotany 2
canoe making & canoe making more information
chili pepper & chili pepper more information
cocoa pod & cocoa pod more information
fire wood & fire wood more information
flowers 1 & flowers more information
flowers 2

Ethnobotany 3
rainforest garden & rainforest garden more information
ice cream bean & ice cream bean more information
lemon grass & lemon grass more information
lipstick tree & lipstick tree more information
mango & mango more information

Ethnobotany 4
manioc & manioc more information
medicinal plants 1 & medicinal plants more information
medicinal plants 2
palm fiber & palm fiber more information
papayas & papayas more information
rubber seeds & rubber seeds more information
sugar cane & sugar cane more information



Jungle Photos Amazon Scenery presents photos with additional information on scenic views from the Amazon rainforest.

forest trail & forest trail more information
canopy view & canopy view more information
fallen tree & fallen tree more information
impressions of the rainforest

aerial view & aerial view more information
dawn & dawn more information
hut by river & hut by river more information
river boat & river boat more information
meeting of waters & meeting of waters more information
river mud & river mud more information

waterfall & waterfall more information
river gorge & river gorge more information
mountain stream & mountain stream more information

typical weather & typical weather more information
making a storm & making a storm more information
canoe in storm & canoe in storm more information
rainbow & rainbow more information

Caballacocha sunset & Caballacocha sunset more information
tree silhouttes
multicolored sunsets



Jungle Photos Amazon Towns presents photos of towns and cities in the Amazon.

Manaus & Manaus more information
Belem & Belem more information
Tabatinga & Tabatinga more information

Peru (Iquitos)
market stalls & market stalls more information
Plaza de Armas & Plaza de Armas more information
cathedral & cathedral more information
floating city & floating city more information
drying corn & drying corn more information

hotel & hotel more information

Leticia market & Leticia market more information
Leticia street & Leticia street more information



Jungle Photos Amazon Artists presents artwork from native Amazon artists and children's drawings of the rainforest with accompanying background information.

Amazon Professional Artists 1
forest painting & forest painting more information
toucans painting & toucans painting more information
hut painting & hut painting more information
orchid painting & orchid painting more information

Amazon Professional Artists 2
stylized forest painting & stylized forest painting more information
butterfly painting & more information about paintings by Francisco Grippa
fish painting
hummingbirds painting
heliconia painting

Amazon Professional Artists 3 (Grippa)
porcupine painting
rainbow painting
river view painting
machete workers painting
monkey dance painting
yagua dancer painting

Amazon Postcard Artists 1
sunset postcards & more information about painted postcards
canoe postcards
man with dog postcards
macaw postcards
toucan postcard

Amazon Postcard Artists 2
egret postcard

Amazon Indigenous Artists 1
toucan paintings & toucan painting more information
macaw paintings & macaw painting more information
village life painting & village life painting more information
parrot on gourd & parrot on gourd more information

Amazon Indigenous Artists 2
group of birds painting & group of birds painting more information
painting on paddle & painting on paddle more information

Children's Artwork of the Amazon
animals drawings

Third Grade Children's Artwork of the Amazon 2
rainforest trees drawings 1
rainforest trees drawings 2
birds drawings
forest drawings
fishing drawings
palm trees drawings

Third Grade Children's Artwork of the Amazon 3
rubber tapper drawing
biodiversity pizza drawing
birds drawings (4th graders)
macaws drawings (4th graders)
toucans drawings 1 (4th graders)

Fourth Grade Children's Artwork of the Amazon 1
toucans drawings 2
monkeys drawings 1
monkeys drawings 2
frogs drawings 1
frogs drawings 2

Fourth Grade Children's Artwork of the Amazon 2
snakes drawings
jaguars drawings
iguana drawings
spider drawings
more information about the children's artwork



Jungle Photos Amazon Maps presents images of a wide range of maps of the Amazon rainforest with accompanying background information.

Old Amazon Maps 1
1532 antique map & 1532 antique map more information
Martinez 1597 map & Martinez 1597 map more information
Langenes 1609 map & Langenes 1609 map more information
Hondius 1630 map & Hondius 1630 map more information
La Condamine 1780 map & La Condamine 1780 map more information

Old Amazon Maps 2
Johnson 1862 map & Johnson 1862 map more information
Stieler 1872 map & Stieler 1872 map more information

Modern Amazon Maps 1
guide book map & guide book map more information
government map & government map more information
artistic map & artistic map more information
National Geographic map & National Geographic map more information

Scientific Amazon Maps
river tides map & river tides map more information
hydrology maps & hydrology maps more information

Country Amazon Maps
Brazil map & Brazil map more information
Colombia map & Colombia map more information
Ecuador map & Ecuador map more information
Peru map & Peru map more information

Rainforests of the World Maps
Latin America rainforest map & Latin America rainforest map more information
Africa rainforest map & Africa rainforest map more information
Southeast Asia rainforest map & Southeast Asia rainforest map more information

Interactive Map



Jungle Photos Amazon Conservation presents photos with additional information on conservation-related issues in the Amazon rainforest.

Endangered Species Definitions and Classifications

logging & logging more information
clearing land & clearing land more information

animal skins & animal skins more information
captive sloth & captive sloth more information
peccary skulls & peccary skulls more information

grazing cows & grazing cows more information

insect collection & insect collection more information

crowded canoe & crowded canoe more information
curious villagers & curious villagers more information

road vs. river & road vs. river more information



Jungle Photos Amazon From Space presents satellite and shuttle images of the Amazon region taken from hundreds or thousands of miles above the Earth.

The River
meeting of waters & meeting of waters more information
Amazon River mouth & Amazon River mouth more information

The Forest
Rio Purus & Rio Purus more information

River Basin
scatterometer & scatterometer more information
day and night & day and night more information

Rondonia 1975-1992 & Rondonia 1975-1992 more information
roads and fires & roads and fires more information



Jungle Photos Amazon Links is your guide to Amazon on the World Wide Web. The pages present hundreds of links to relevant websites on topics of interest regarding the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon news
Natural History
Map-related sites
Satellite Image sites



Jungle Photos Amazon Teachers' Resources presents a variety of tips, hints and tools to help teachers with their lessons about the Amazon.

Lesson plans
Relevant topics
Additional resources



Jungle Photos Amazon Students Stuff presents quizzes, puzzles, games for fun and facts help students learn about the Amazon.

Floating Grass jigsaw
Fish Diversity jigsaw

Homework Help
Amazon rainforest facts and figures



The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide is the leading travel guide to the Amazon rainforest of tropical South America.


Jungle Photos Amazon Glossary provides definitions to scientific words used in the Amazon web pages.


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