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Welcome to Jungle Photos Africa Site Map! Here you will find links to over 250 pages in the Jungle Photos Africa domain. Each page may feature more than one image. If you're looking for specific topics you can also search Jungle Photos.

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Jungle Photos Africa Animals includes dozens of photos with additional information on a wide variety of wild animals from equatorial Africa.

Mammals 1
baboon & baboon natural history
bushbuck & bushbuck natural history
cheetah & cheetah natural history
elephant & elephant natural history

Mammals 2
giraffe & giraffe natural history
hartebeest & hartebeest natural history
hippo & hippo natural history
hyena & hyena natural history
impala & impala natural history
lion & lion natural history

Mammals 3
rhino & rhino natural history
roan & roan natural history
vervet & vervet natural history
warthog & warthog natural history
waterbuck & waterbuck natural history

Mammals 4
wildebeest & wildebeest natural history
zebra & zebra natural history

Birds 1
flamingo & flamingo natural history
hammerkop & hammerkop natural history
ostrich & ostrich natural history
ploceus & ploceus natural history

Birds 2
weaverbird nest & weaverbird nest natural history

crocodile & crocodile natural history
rainbow lizard & rainbow lizard natural history
puff adder & puff adder natural history

termite mound & termite mound natural history



Jungle Photos Africa Plants includes dozens of photos with additional information on wild and crop plants from equatorial Africa.

baobab & baobab natural history
palm & palm natural history

bulbine & bulbine natural history
dolichos & dolichos natural history
kniphofia & kniphofia natural history
orchid & orchid natural history
protea & protea natural history

hyparrhenia & hyparrhenia natural history
bamboo & bamboo natural history

Cultivated Plants
coffee & coffee natural history
cotton & cotton natural history



Jungle Photos Africa Scenery presents photos with additional information on scenic views East and Central Africa.

Elephant Rock & Elephant Rock more information
Kilimanjaro & Kilimanjaro more information
Nyika Plateau & Nyika Plateau more information
Zomba & Zomba Plateau more information

Mara River & Mara River more information
Rukuru River & Rukuru River more information
Victoria Falls & Victoria Falls more information
Zambesi Gorge & Zambesi Gorge more information

Liwonde & Liwonde sunset more information
Zambesi & Zambesi sunset more information

Lake Malawi & Lake Malawi more information
Monkey Bay & Monkey Bay more information

Nyika savanna & Nyika savanna more information



Jungle Photos Africa People presents photos with additional insights and perspectives on the people living in East and Central Africa.

At Work 1
avocado stall & avocado stall more information
man in canoe & man in canoe more information
blind musicians & blind musicians more information
tailor & tailor more information

At Work 2
watch repairer & watch repairer more information
wood carver & wood carver more information

At Work 3: Hut Construction (Part 1)
Breaking ground
Preparing materials
Wall building
Walls built

At Work 4: Hut Construction (Part 2)
Roofing begins
Roof takes shape
Towards completion

At Play
boys with wire car & boys with wire car more information
bungee jump & bungee jump more information
nyika horse ride & nyika horse ride more information

chisolo game board & chisolo game board more information
chitenge cloth & chitenge cloth more information
carving of fisherman & carving of fisherman more information
carving of mother-child & carving of mother and child more information

Family Life
boys selling pots & boys selling pots more information
kids pose for photo & kids pose for photo more information
Likoma Island man & Likoma Island man more information
Masai village family & Masai village family more information



Jungle Photos Africa Towns presents photos of towns, villages and transportation in East and Central Africa.

Buildings 1
outhouse hut & outhouse hut more information
luxury tent & luxury tent more information
Likoma Cathedral & Likoma Cathedral more information

Buildings 2
village at sunset & village at sunset more information
boat gun & boat gun more information

flying to Africa & flying to Africa more information
flying around Africa & flying around Africa more information
ship passengers & ship passengers more information
ship's plaque & ship's plaque more information

Transport 2
railway bridge & railway bridge more information

Stores 1
lamp stall & lamp stall more information
flower stall & flower stall more information
vegetable stall & vegetable stall more information
African carving stall & African carving stall more information

Stores 2
African market stall & African market stall more information



Jungle Photos Africa Maps presents images of a wide range of maps of East and Central Africawith accompanying background information.

Old Africa Maps
Ortelius 1603 map & Ortelius 1603 map more information
Hondius 1609 map & Hondius 1609 map more information
Sanson 1650 map & Sanson 1650 map more information

Victorian Africa Maps 1
Cary 1805 map & Cary 1805 map more information
Goldsmith 1825 map & Goldsmith 1825 map more information
Bradford 1835 map & Bradford 1835 map more information
Mitchell 1852 map & Mitchell 1852 map more information

Victorian Africa Maps 2
Colton 1855 map & Colton 1855 map more information
Stieler 1872 map & Stieler 1872 map more information
Bartholomew 1887 map & Bartholomew 1887 map more information

Modern Africa Maps
US government (CIA) map & US government (CIA) map more information
typical atlas map & typical atlas map more information
travel guide map & travel guide map more information

Modern Africa Maps 2
Zomba mountain map & Zomba mountain map more information
advertisement maps & advertisement maps more information



Jungle Photos Africa From Space presents satellite and shuttle images of East and Central Africa taken from hundreds or thousands of miles above the Earth.

The Continent
Africa from Apollo & Africa from Apollo more information
Africa from Galileo & Africa from Galileo more information
day and night views & day and night views more information

Rift Valley lakes & Rift Valley lakes more information
Lake Malawi (Nyasa) & Lake Malawi (Nyasa) more information

Kilimanjaro & Kilimanjaro more information
Southern Africa coast & Southern Africa coast more information

East Africa & East Africa fires more information
South Africa & South Africa fires more information
Malawi & Malawi fires more information



Jungle Photos Africa Links is your guide to Africa on the World Wide Web. The pages present hundreds of links to relevant websites on topics of interest regarding Central Africa and East Africa.

Africa news
Map-related sites



Jungle Photos Africa Teachers' Resources presents a variety of tips, hints and tools to help teachers with their lessons about Africa.

Lesson plans
Relevant topics
additional resources



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